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Advantages of Using Twitter for Real Estate Marketing

14 May 2014, 08:00

Having a social media presence for your real estate website and business is very important. It not only helps in giving online exposure to the wider audience on the internet but also it makes your business appear credible and authentic. If a real estate agent makes the best use of social media, he or she can pose as a local expert as well. Twitter, a highly popular microblogging and social networking site can be used to effectively promote your real estate website. Even though many are aware of it, real estate agents are not full reaping its benefits because they are not sure how to make the best use of Twitter for their real estate website. Hence, popular real estate companies like Zillow and Trulia are very active on Twitter. There are over 645,750,000 active users on Twitter. Every second 9,100 tweets are sent. 40% of the Twitters do not tweet but access Twitter to see what others are tweeting. People aging from 18 to 44 years are active users on Twitter. 43% of Twitter users access the famous microblogging social site on their smartphone and tablets. Though many people feel that Facebook is the best social site for advertising their business, you should not underestimate Twitter’s marketing potential. As compared to Facebook, Twitter better privacy, conciseness and interaction. Here are the advantages of using Twitter for real estate marketing: Establish Your Brand Twitter’s huge user base can be effectively used for making your business known to people who are interested in…


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